Seven Deadly Signs of Poetry Scams

In America, poets are held in such low esteem that even the most honorable representative of Nigeria won’t bother ripping us off. Society tells us what Dermot Mulroney tells Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, that we are “The pus that infects the mucus that fouls the fungus that feeds on the scum of the pond.” However, even being […]

Laundry Business Plan – Sample Layout

These days, most experts will advise you to create a business plan before you decide to take on the risks associated with starting a business. A laundromat is often a bit more complicated than other small business models, making the need for research, planning, and clear direction all the more essential for entrepreneurs entering the coin-operated laundromat industry. A laundry […]

A voluntary colonoscopy

Roger was a very good friend. He was best man at our wedding and best man to our lovely daughter Hannah. We often met him in various bars in the city of Makati, Manila, fancy bars and clubs. We would often go out with him to try a new restaurant and many times we would be invited to his house […]

The miracles of a mother’s love

Many of us grew up in that wonderful safe environment, at home, so dear to our mothers. We experience the warmth and words of encouragement from our mother so generously showered on us, usually on a daily basis. Whenever we cut ourselves or had a stomach ache, she was there ready to comfort us and take the pain away. A […]

The 12 best books I read in 2017

Unlike last year, he was almost certain that he would not accept any reading challenges this year. It really is something to understand so many characters and situations and not be affected. You really can’t purge emotions easily. But, then we all like challenges; push ourselves and overcome our own limits. And then this is what I read- 1. Ayn […]