Spumoni – Part 3 – A delicious easy recipe

Well, I’m sure you’ve already decided that while spumoni might as well make a delicious Italian dessert, it’s TOO much work. I wanted to provide a reasonably authentic recipe for this delicious dessert for those who wanted to hone their culinary skills. However, the tedious and time consuming recipe listed in the previous post is not one that everyone is […]

Store – Online Business Vs Retail Shopping

Have you tried traditional sales outlets with little or no success? Do you have a product based home based business you would like to grow nationally or even internationally? Are you sure how to do it successfully? advertise your website on the internet? Does your website become limited? traffic? Have you been a salesperson in several boutiques but want the […]

30 points, how science has changed our lives

If we look at life 100 years ago and compare it with life today, we will notice that science has drastically changed human life. With the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, the effect of science on human life changed rapidly. Today, science has a profound effect on the way we live, largely through technology, the use […]

How about a big chocolate gift basket?

Choosing the perfect chocolate basket When you want to give a special treat or treat to a friend or family member, you should consider giving a chocolate gift basket to that special someone. The gift basket just because Sneakers are the best gift to cheer me up. They can include all kinds of chocolates, including milk chocolates, dark chocolate, assorted […]

Would you make your bed? Please!

“Am I a bad parent? Did I fail Parenting 101? Do I need a parenting skills remedial class?” These are some of the thoughts that came to mind while dealing with a preteen chore moment recently. On the outside, my parenting skills as a single parent look good. My thirteen year old daughter does very well in school, she asks […]