Cold Relief for Babies and Adults Through Home Remedies

As common as it is, it is a huge annoyance when you get it. Yes, I mean the common cold. The cold is usually caused by a virus, and therefore antibiotics do not fully work or provide relief. However, some of the infections can turn bacterial and that is when antibiotics are helpful. Unfortunately, the drugs not only fight and […]

Pool filter without chlorine

Alternative sanitation methods are becoming popular as the public learns of the health and environmental hazards associated with using chlorine as a disinfectant in swimming pools and spas. Chlorine irritates the eyes and skin and has recently been linked to the development of certain cancers. You are also responsible for costly damage to pool equipment. A typical residential pool requires […]

Finding Nemo parties are a good time to swim

What better way to kick off the summer pool season than by throwing a Finding Nemo pool party! Kids of all ages love this new Disney classic and you’ll have a blast entertaining your guests. No need to buy expensive pre-made Disney Finding Nemo invitations when you can make your own with blue and orange construction paper and Finding Nemo […]

Make your own Little Bo Peep costume

So you want to dress up as Little Bo Peep for Halloween? Here are some ideas for a Little Bo Peep Halloween costume for a girl or an adult. For an adult, remember that you are dressing like a character from a nursery rhyme. Little Miss Peep, was a girl, so any makeup should be kept to a minimum. Look […]

5 ideas of fun things to do with your nieces and nephews

If your nieces or nephews are like many children, they are probably very crazy about you. After all, there is nothing like the time they spend with their aunts and uncles. However, given the competition some aunts and uncles face in terms of grandparents who also want to spend a special time with their favorite children, play dates with friends, […]

Owning Horses in the Suburbs – Suburban Horses

In today’s society, approximately 20% of families in the United States own more than one horse. Thousands of other families living in urban or suburban communities with small acres of land and some without land would like to have a horse or two. Many of these families have little or no knowledge of owning horses in the suburbs or raising […]

Tonsil stones and swollen glands: causes and remedies

Swollen glands are a very common type of symptoms of tonsillitis or tonsil stones. Normally, these types of conditions occur due to infections of various types and forms. Swollen acorns can also be called swollen lymph nodes or swollen tonsils. Lymph nodes are said to be the glands present in the body that are responsible for playing a vital role […]

Travel time: is it worth it?

We wake up, work, eat, sleep. We wake up, work, eat, sleep. We wake up, work, eat, sleep. Sounds familiar? Or did I forget something? Oh yeah, the travel time we all spend sitting in traffic, cursing the poor old lady who just interrupted us. In recent years, commuting time to and from work has become longer, which, in turn, […]

Flips vs. Rent

Cartwheels or rentals? Which of these two passive income properties do you think is best for business? Both are great options for generating passive income, and each has its own advantages. Let’s take a look at the two to find out which one is better. I will also share my personal opinion on what I think contains the most water. […]