The not-so-secret technique to meditate anywhere

Meditation is incredibly beneficial. It is one of the best workouts you can give your mind. It directly improves your focus and attention, which in turn improves everything from mood to memory. Any task that uses the brain (which is all tasks) benefits from regular meditation. If you find it difficult to clear your mind, you are not alone. However, […]

How to start losing weight NOW

The only thing that will decide if you really want to lose weight right now is your perception of your body. Here’s a little test to help you determine if your reasons for starting to lose weight are powerful enough: Do you feel comfortable in your skin? Can you confidently undress in front of your man without worrying about sagging […]

Sammie and the new baby

First-time author Sue Gilligan-Hannon introduces readers to her two adorable goldendoodles, Sammie and Lula, in her new book, Sammie and the New Baby, the first in a planned series of books addressing themes common to young families. Sammie is a very, very happy dog ​​who just loves and adores his family. He can go on long walks with his dad […]

Being a new mom: at 32 and again at 42

My first child was born right at the end of my 32 years. Like all new parents, I was wondering where the baby handbook was and if I was prepared to take care of this helpless little bundle. I was older than most moms at the time, but not at the very flattering geriatric maternal age of 35+. Motherhood was […]

5th wedding anniversary – a milestone in the life of a couple

Reaching five years of marriage is undoubtedly an achievement for the couple. It is a time to remember the years that have passed and look forward to more blessings in the years to come. The traditional wedding anniversary gift for the fifth year is wood, symbolizing strength and lifelong relationship. There are many gift ideas made of wood that can […]

Help children understand faster for better school achievement

Helping your children understand faster will help them succeed in their schoolwork. By getting more involved in your child’s reading skills, you can make sure they don’t fall behind in class. Children do not enjoy reading if they have difficulties with comprehension, therefore it is better if they learn to understand faster from the earliest possible age. It is not […]