Better ways to remove rust from wood decking

Most of the time, wooden decks are exposed to many forms of elements that could cause damage from the elements. Constant exposure to the sun causes wood to crack, while cold weather promotes the growth of bacteria. Water and mist contribute to the rust of nails and screws that held the wood in place. When these things happen, the sheen […]

Ask an Expert: Interior Design

Over many years as an interior designer, what would be 3 major changes in consumer preferences during that time? One thing that immediately springs to mind is the switch from stain grade cabinets to paint grade cabinets. White kitchens are back! Customers tend more towards lighter and brighter shades over the red / orange hues of the last decade. The […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pigmented Oil Dyes

There are advantages and disadvantages to using pigmented oil dyes. While you may enjoy the advantages of this stain over the other two types, you should be aware of the disadvantages before deciding to use this stain for your wood finishing project. Advantage: o Pigment oil stains are easily prepared. o They are very versatile and ideal for all types […]

Main differences between Chinese and Japanese cloisonne

Cloisonne are metal objects made with intricate designs and artwork that have been a unique work of art and creativity since ancient times. It is a unique way to design metal objects with gemstones, glass materials, enamel paints and other decorative objects that make this art an advantage over other craft materials. The decoration of metallic objects by initially adding […]

Granite Sealer Prevents Stains and More

A granite sealer is essential to maintain granite kitchen countertops. When you invest in something like granite, you have to make sure that it is well cared for. Something that many people don’t realize is that, although granite is one of the strongest materials out there, it is also porous. This means that it could easily absorb liquids and other […]

Advantages of marble kitchen countertops

Marble is a beautiful limestone that is made up of calcite and dolomite. Marble is known to naturally crystallize over periods of time, making it extremely beautiful and one of the best options for artists. It is used to make sculptures and furniture. Due to its beauty and elegance, marble is often used to make kitchen countertops. If you want […]

Benefits of copper cooker hoods

Range hoods are an effective item to have in any kitchen environment, but at the same time they can become a focal point, bringing the kitchen together, mixing with appliances and surfaces to give you a dream kitchen design. The main benefit of a copper range hood is that it will become a focal point in the kitchen. It’s guaranteed […]