Cuisinart Brick Oven – Combining the classic pizza oven with modern convenience

The Cuisinart Brick Oven combines classic brick oven philosophy and modern electric oven design to bring you an innovative and easy-to-use countertop brick oven. The Cuisinart Brick Oven brings pizzeria perfection to your kitchen. Now you can serve exquisitely baked brick oven pizza to your dining table. Your spouse and children will truly enjoy family dinners with the classic pizza […]

Inside Tiny Houses – Are you ready?

Mr. Jay Shafer is the genius responsible for coming up with the idea for Tiny Houses! His company, known as Tumbleweed, is part of the tiny house movement. In 2002, he co-founded the Small House Society in Iowa City, Iowa. In 2003, he was commissioned by Gregory Paul Johnson to build The Mobile Hermitage, which became one of Tumbleweed’s first […]

Microsoft Word: Top 10 New Features in Word 2013

As the oldest of the Office applications, Microsoft Word was already packed with extensive word processing capabilities. So it’s a pleasant surprise that Word 2013 has new and improved features useful in everything from creating documents to reading, editing, and collaborating. 1. A new look for Word The first change you’ll see when you start Word 2013 is a Start […]

Bedroom decorating ideas: accent walls with a touch of mint

There are many ideas for decorating bedrooms that suit all tastes. Even with the master bedroom, many people go bold, with bright colors and modern furnishings. Other people prefer their bedroom decorating ideas to be traditional, with floral cretonnes or embroidered brocades. A particular idea is the chic and sophisticated look, which is why I suspect interior decorators refer to […]

Maintenance of refrigeration, cold rooms and freezers

Most refrigerators and walk-in coolers seem virtually indestructible and trouble-free, but you’ll get a longer life by following these safety and maintenance tips. Clean door gaskets and hinges regularly. Door gaskets, made of rubber, can rot more easily if they are covered in food or dirt, weakening their sealing properties. They can be safely cleaned with a solution of baking […]

Granite Scraps – Get Free Granite

Love the look and durability of granite, but don’t think you can afford it? You’re lucky! Fortunately, measuring and cutting granite countertops to install in kitchens and bathrooms is not an exact science. In all installation work there are pieces of granite left over. Many of these granite pieces are small and end up in the trash. On the other […]