Ipath Shoes: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Skate Shoe

Ipath shoes are environmentally friendly skate shoes. The brand has a high level of awareness towards the natural environment. This is not only demonstrated in their ecosystem-oriented outreach program, but also in the shoes themselves. The use of products such as hemp and natural cotton in Ipath shoes is evidence that the brand is dedicated to caring for the ecosystem. […]

Your 3-Step Guide to Increase Sales with Seasonal Marketing

When the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, you may be thinking more about what to serve guests for dinner or how to decorate your home, not how to increase sales with seasonal marketing. (I mean, unless you’re selling Christmas decorations or turkeys, then I’m sure it’s the most important.) Christmas promotions are not limited to important dates either. […]

Free verse

After studying and writing poetry since I was in the third grade, more than fifty years ago, I have come to the conclusion that the more I learn, the more there is to learn. Every time I turn around, I discover another form or type of poetry. Some of the ways I have tried; others I decided not to use […]

What are the restaurant maps available online?

Traditionally, when people were looking for a new restaurant, they’d pick up a copy of Zagat or some other fancy food guide. But in just a few short years, online maps have come a long way and now also offer local information on businesses, shops, and restaurants. Sites like Google Maps allow users to create their own maps of favorite […]

VLOOKUP – A Formula Review

VLOOKUP is one of the most useful Excel functions. It is also one of the most used formulas by professionals who want to extract data from flat tables. However, VLOOKUP is also abused and sometimes overrated. The formula was designed with some purpose in mind: to look up a value in a column on the left and return the corresponding […]

Ebook Theft: Protecting What’s Rightfully Yours

After several months working on his latest e-book, he breathes a sigh of relief when he finishes editing the last line. Finally, he clicks on the PDF converter, and within seconds, he has a formatted ebook. Since you finished editing the sales page on your website two weeks ago, there’s nothing to do but upload your eBook and wait for […]

Philosophy – The elixir of life

Man, being a conscious creature, lives his life not only to survive on Earth, but to make the most of his self-developed or self-experienced concept, giving rise to civilization and culture, custom and tradition, habits and customs. , morals and ideologies, religion and community. This concept that man consciously or unconsciously develops for himself gives the basic foundation to his […]