How Hispanic radio evolves towards a changing audience

“There’s just been an explosion in the Spanish language,” said Dennis Wharton, executive vice president of corporate communications for the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC “The growth in the Spanish language has been remarkable.” The mammoth expansion of Spanish-language radio largely reflects the growing US Hispanic population, currently estimated at around 54 million, but is also fueled by […]

Be careful when using social media in hiring decisions

It’s no secret that car dealerships have often been forced to defend themselves against discrimination claims by employees and agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a result, many dealerships have instituted comprehensive human resource programs to avoid potential problems. However, new technology brings new challenges. As the use of social media grows, more and more dealerships are using […]

Sex after 60: some tips and thoughts to enjoy sex in older people

Aging does not necessarily mean that there is a decline in the appearance or sex of the elderly. In fact, advancing age can provide freedom to explore and experience sexual pleasures. Advancing in age provides freedom to explore and enjoy our sexuality. Just because you’ve reached the so-called “golden” age doesn’t mean you’re hunkering down in a retirement home waiting […]

music for piano

Music is an exemplary art that appeals to everyone. Most of us consider learning to play a musical instrument to be an integral part of our lives. However, our busy life schedule does not allow us to spend time attending piano music lessons. The advent of the Internet has alleviated the problem of attending piano music lessons on the site. […]

How much should you pay for a website?

Well I did. I jumped forward and tested the waters. I spent years getting it wrong, and I think I finally got it right. But of course, who am I? Who is someone really? In this rapidly growing field, who really determines the value of a website? Could anyone have predicted the wild success some dot coms have had, while […]

The many moons of the ancient earth

Since ancient times, our fascinating, mystifying, and beautiful Moon has been the enchanting source of wild, weird, and wonderful myths and tales, as well as an inspiration for poetry, a fantastic source of madness, and a symbol for romantic love. Yet Earth’s Moon is a very real nearby world: the largest object in our sky at night, as well as […]

Make your own birthday invitations

If you are throwing a birthday party for a loved one, be it an adult or a child, there are three ways you can invite people to your party. You can go for the mundane invitations delivered over the phone, get cards printed at professional establishments; which can be quite expensive, or make your own unique and interesting cards with […]

Brilliant memory tricks to impress your friends!

A brilliant memory not only leaves room for productivity to skyrocket, but also creates an opportunity for you to build your confidence and entertain your friends. As for me, my friends and I don’t see each other much, so when we do meet up, I make sure to have a good time together and usually do so by impressing them […]

What makes a company successful?

Each of us in business often looks around us at successful companies to try to discover the formula for success that each one was able to create. And each of them has been successful for different reasons, not just one. If it were that easy, we would all enjoy it because we would just copy it. One successful company, Google, […]