Seven legal reasons to register your trademark

Your brand matters. After all, your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you do it. Remember: people are loyal to brands, not products. Trademarks protect trademarks. They are the foundation of any successful brand. That is why it is important to register your trademark. The best way to protect your brand is with a federal mark. […]

Human Resources Mysteries: What Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

For all those who have never worked with them, recruitment agencies are a great mystery. What do they really do? Are good? What are they to start with? Companies? NGO? Employers? government organizations? So many questions… So let’s clear the air a bit. First of all, employment agencies are companies, basic and ordinary companies that have employees, that pay taxes […]

Stay broke not poor

Stay broke! You heard me, stay broke but not poor. What is the difference? Bankruptcy is a temporary situation. Broke people have money, they just waste it. Poor is being destitute or lacking sufficient resources. I got this from Grant Cardone’s, The millionaire brochure. It also aligns with Dave Ramsey’s concept of naming each dollar. It’s about increasing cash flow […]

Electronic Commerce Commonly Known As E-Commerce

The process of buying and selling products or services online is called electronic commerce, commonly known as E-Commerce. Developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying can all come under this process. Due to the extensive use of the Internet today, the amount of commerce that takes place online has increased. Commerce is used in electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, […]

Small Business Outsourcing Tips

Outsourcing your workload: As a small business, you may not yet have the manpower to handle an ever-increasing workload. Growth is good, but if the job is suffering because it’s taking on more than it can handle, you may quickly see growth slow down due to dissatisfied customers. One solution to this dilemma is to hire more employees, but if […]

Indium – New mineral discovery of the 21st century

Indium is the most recent mineral discovery of the 21st century. It increases the amount of minerals a gland can absorb and is a nutritional advance in glandular performance. Indium is mineral #49 on the periodic table of 100 elements, and is considered the “missing link, unifying and catalyzing the two largest usable mineral groups in the human body, correcting […]

The importance of implementing monitoring metrics

Monitoring is essential when it comes to maintaining performance and productivity in any organization. Any business or company would literally collapse without the presence of supervision. This is why it is also important to measure monitoring efficiency, and the only way to do this accurately is by using monitoring metrics. For a company to be well guided, it has to […]