Claim procedure: at a glance

Here are the 5 easy steps to winning lawsuits! No matter what the case is … the winning steps are always the same. The 5 easy steps are: The Complaint when the plaintiff explains what he wants the court to do for him, The flurry of motions when the defendant uses one or more of 3 different motions that may […]

The three most common types of insurance

There are many insurance plans available that offer coverage for various types of damages or accidents. All families must have at least one of these three. Types of Homeowners Policies Homeowners insurance falls into one of six categories. HO-1 and HO-2, as they are more commonly known, cover only property against specifically listed damages. These policies vary in terms of […]

What is the best network marketing opportunity for you?

Looking for a good network marketing opportunity? Do you want to know the secrets of Internet billionaires? Do you want to be a top income generator? Then you need to follow in the footsteps of successful marketers and do what they do: find a network marketing opportunity that feels tailor-made for you. But you must exercise extreme discretion when choosing […]

Tips and tricks to follow while hosting your event live on social media

We all know that this image is worth a thousand words. You can imagine what level of excitement the live videos posted on different social media platforms create. For business organizations, social media live streaming is very helpful in gaining exposure in global markets. Each brand has some of the other human values ​​to represent. Social media marketing companies offer […]

The history of chocolate chip cookies

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by a lady named Ruth Wakefield in 1933 and, like many great recipes today, it was discovered completely by accident. Ruth was the owner of the Toll House Inn, which was located in Whitman, Massachusetts, which was a very popular place to enjoy good home-cooked meals. They say Ruth regularly made bakery chocolate chip […]

Why do we need a social bookmarking site?

With the advent of the Internet and its reach to all corners of the world, people began to know each other in detail. Like their hobbies, names, personal details, etc. Nowadays, online socialization among netizens has increased a lot. Then the need arises to connect with people who are far away, through the Internet. Many dedicated social media sites have […]

Relationship Secrets 163: Financial Statement Fraud

You know the old adage: “Financial statements don’t kill people, people kill people.” While it is true that there may be misrepresentation and deception in a financial statement (FS), the document is not inherently wrong, it is the bad intentions of the preparer or the company that are to blame. As credit analysts, we always review and depend on FS […]

Blockchain technology could be the next big thing in food

When we plan our editorial calendar, we try to reference the schedules of the big events in our industry, so that our coverage is timely. So, planning the May 2018 issue and seeing that the FSMA Sanitary Transportation Food (STF) rule would go into effect for small and medium-sized businesses the month before, it seemed to me that the STF […]