Luxury villas in Barbados

We recently went on vacation to this luxurious villa and it was so good I thought I’d write an article about it. Can I describe it in more detail first? This is a luxury 2 bedroom air conditioned detached villa. On the first floor, the living areas are equipped with cable television, DVD player, and iPod docking station. These open […]

It’s raining good food in Delhi!

It is rightly said that variety is the spice of life. In a country like India, one can find a wide variety of culinary specialities. From north to south, east to west, India is rich in agriculture, which has led to a greener India. This is one of the reasons why Indians are great foodies. Be it the real Rajsthani […]

Interior Designer Dorothy Draper – Nether Defiler?

The current profession of interior designer is attributed to a woman named Dorothy Draper, who was commissioned to decorate all thirty-seven floors of the Hampshire House hotel in 1937 in Manhattan. Although renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright called her an “inferior desecrator,” Ms. Draper had decorated dozens of offices, restaurants, hospitals, and even a car for Packard (in 1952) and […]

Relationship Advice: Christian Dating Advice

So you are dating and you want to make sure that your dating experience is in accordance with Biblical principles. You’d think the obvious thing to do is date another Christian, but you’d be surprised how many people start a relationship with someone who has completely opposite spiritual and moral beliefs. Many times this happens because the Christian counterpart believes […]

Select a surf camp that suits you

With so many people becoming interested in surfing, it makes sense to know that many more surf camps are being organized. Regardless of the surfer’s ability, there is sure to be a spot that matches his or her abilities. Even if you are planning to surf for the first time, you will find a place to go and there will […]

Meatballs – Global Comfort Food

Name a country, and no doubt they’ll have their own version of dumplings, and certainly more than one. They are traditional foods for millions, eaten during religious and festive holidays, enjoyed with meats, smothered in sauce, served as desserts, or simply on their own as a light meal. They can be dipped, stuffed, boiled, fried or steamed. Meatballs are an […]