Leonardo Da Vinci – A Legacy of Immortal Genius

LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) Heaven smiled and he was born Da Vinci, Leonardo. The impact and resonance of his contribution to humanity is not measurable in mere mortal terms. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, his life’s work is an awe inspiring synthesis of art, science and technology. How is it that a figure who lived nearly five centuries […]

Wonderful quarantine date ideas

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been negative for most couples around the world, and not only. In case you’re hanging out with your partner, then you’re probably looking for some ways to strengthen your bond so you can ease some of the anxiety while you’re at it. So here are some wonderful ideas that are sure to help […]

Travel tips for Barbados

Many tourists over the years have visited Barbados, a beautiful island that is located in the Caribbean. This is not surprising given the many things it has to offer, including the hospitality of the people, the beaches and the history of the country. These little tips will be useful if you are thinking of traveling to this island. passport All […]

Is the next housing market crash looming?

SAN DIEGO, CA-“Buy low, sell highis a well-known adage attributed to legendary billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett. Looking at today’s super-hot residential real estate market, it’s hard not to wonder how much longer this craze will continue. Buyers are in bidding wars to purchase homes, multiple all-cash offers with no financing, no contingencies, sales prices tens or even millions […]

The first houses bought with a mortgage loan

Buying the initial home with a home finance loan can be an incredibly complicated experience. And even being able to afford your own residence is something that is not possible for many families. People are pre-qualified for a home loan and then potentially pre-approved. Your next action is to have people search for a property. Then you’re likely to make […]

5 reasons to be in the restaurant business

Restaurants can be found almost everywhere you can go and this is proof that this type of business is really good. Every once in a while, someone makes the decision to open a restaurant for whatever reason. Obviously, there are many reasons why people choose to open such a business and you don’t have to have the same reasons. You […]

Fun vacations in Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico Vacations is during the cool winter months, which also include hurricane season. Also, the weather at any time during November through April typically tends to be as low as 80, which is perfect for all those hoping to hit the cold and snow. Also, the sunny summer months tend to be a bit […]