Do you have what it takes to produce a game?

Don’t be offended, I know a lot of people who start an mmorpg with a month of experience. We even see those “Gimma da linkz for the doom3! 11 authoring program” folks every day on the forums. Therefore, you must first make sure that you have accumulated enough experience. If not, you should finish some small projects like pong, galaxian, […]

Bramhall Square – The site of the first US federal execution.

Today, Holt’s Historic Building, originally known as the Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary, stands on one of the most historically significant parcels of land in the United States of America, known to Portland Maine locals as Bramhall Square. This building was originally designed by an architect by the name of John Calvin Stevens in 1886. It has recently been renovated […]

Chicken tastes like it was born in sauce

When people ask me to think of my favorite restaurant, for whatever reason, I inevitably think of Gardens of Taxco first. I don’t go there very often, really just for special meals, but my memory just doesn’t miss all the colors and flavors that this amazing West Hollywood spot has to offer. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who loves […]

How to write a column about a personal experience

I once read a column in my local newspaper about the experience of a person adopting a kitten. The theme of the column seemed to be that it was difficult to get exactly the kitten I wanted due to what the columnist argued was the lack of unwanted kittens in our province, British Columbia. The columnist ended up buying her […]

Cash flow generation without cash – Formula 5 "Flip paper"

You’ve heard of moving houses, right? This has become very well known in recent years, mainly due to many seminars teaching real estate “gurus”, book writing, selling tapes, and so on. There have even been some negative connotations in various forms of government; Mainly because they don’t understand it, but rather they believe and do what the banking industry tells […]

The S&P 500 takes advantage of this team to win the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is just a few weeks away. Immediately after the big game, you will read about the Super Bowl indicator. This indicator predicts the trend of the stock market for the rest of 2018. Final football seems irrelevant to the stock market. But before deciding to ignore this indicator, you should know that there is a reason why […]

Unique and fun things to do in Anaheim, California

In the early days, Anaheim was a rural community of not too many. Originally settled by a handful of German immigrants, the name translates to “Home in the Valley.” Conditions here were perfect for growing fruit and vegetables and the area was thriving. Then a guy named Walt Disney came along and decided to see if he could take advantage […]

An objective Nintendo DS review

The Nintendo DS is a handheld and portable game system that was introduced to the North American market and at the same time to the Japanese market in November 2004. Prepared similarly to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS integrated 2 small LCD screens in shell design. The upper screen is intended for display uses, while the lower […]

Free bathroom remodel catalogs for bathroom renovation

When it comes to finding your dream home design, the free bathroom remodel catalogs are the perfect and easy way to get inspired and find plenty of ideas to renovate your new bathroom design. You will get an idea of ​​the best styles that match the size of your home and the theme you are looking for. That is why […]