Grilling has reached a whole new dimension

Grilling on the barbecue has never been more exciting. Not only do barbecues come in a wide variety of designs and options, but with the advent of popular cooking shows, cookbooks, and magazines, the grill has reached a whole new dimension. Grilling is no longer just about steaks and burgers, the BBQ grill is filled with adventurous and stylish recipes […]

The history of the shot put: where did it begin?

The history of the shot put can be found to date back thousands of years before the British Isles were Christianized and the land was still ruled by chieftains. In modern terms, the sport was formalized and became an Olympic element in 1896. Today the sport is carried out using a heavy metal ball and a special technique is perfected […]

Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 – Who Will Win?

Although Microsoft adjusted its strategy and eventually abandoned some of the poorly perceived aspects of the Xbox One, the rival console, Sony PlayStation 4, seems to be ahead for the moment, in the race for the best next-generation gaming console. Let’s take a look at how things have worked out so far between the two giants and what factors influenced […]

The Doberman Pinscher – Man’s Most Misunderstood Best Friend

Attack dogs. Evil dogs. Bad dogs. If someone mentions the words “Doberman Pinscher” in casual conversation, these terms sometimes come to mind. Dobermans are the bad guys of Hollywood – they chase the good guy off the bad guy’s property. They take care of seedy residences in alleys. They seem to be the hitmen of the dog world. It is […]

How to choose a drywall contractor

The walls of your house are the largest surface that people see. When properly placed on plaster walls by a professional, they blend seamlessly into the background and the images on the wall become the center of attention. When the drywall contractor did a bad job, the bumps on the wall stick out like a sore thumb and that’s all […]

Safety tips for passengers and taxi drivers

Taxis have become very popular for public transportation needs. However, with every virtue there is a vice. This article does not focus only on crimes committed by taxi drivers in taxis, but also on crimes committed by malicious passengers. It would be completely unfair and critical if you only singled out taxi drivers or passengers as criminals. Below are some […]

Dizzy Dean – St Louis Cardinals Bio, Career Highlights & Facts

Biography, Stories, and Facts About Dizzy Dean In the day before the media printed every word spoken by a sports star, Dizzy Dean entertained fans, the media, and the world like very few sports stars have. Dizzy Dean was a natural clown who loved to make everyone around him smile. Few baseball players have done better and the stories that […]

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

On Sunday, my friend Roger and I were lucky enough to visit Arlington National Cemetery and see the John F. Kennedy Memorial, the Arlington House (the Robert E. Lee Memorial), the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (with the changing of the guard ceremony), and then cross the Potomac River to Washington, DC, which is in full bloom with its Cherry […]

The inspiring story of Rhonda “Rowdy” Rouser

Nothing is typical about the twenty-eight-year-old, five-foot-seven-inch-tall powerhouse who weighs one hundred and thirty-five pounds and has taken the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) world by storm. Rhonda Jean “Rowdy” Rouser became the first woman to sign with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in November 2012. In total, she has had eleven wins and no losses since becoming a fighter. Some […]