One-day book marketing gets results for authors

How can book sales be boosted? There is no quick answer to this question because book marketing is an ongoing process. Still, you can have some marketing strategies and take action that will affect sales. Every day, no matter what is happening, no matter how busy you are, you can take a proactive step.

Keeping a book marketing log is one way to keep track of your steps. That’s what I do and the method is working for me. I also maintain and update a financial sheet.

Although I can quickly draft a manuscript, format it for submission, post it on social media, and send emails, my skills end there. So I look for simple solutions like keeping track of books. Reading the previous posts, I realized that my marketing steps are divided into several groups: reviews, social networks, special websites, “giveaways” and new directions.

Get Amazon reviews. This company is the largest book seller in the country. Website visitors pay attention to reviews, so the publisher recommended authors to get at least 10 reviews and to strive for more. As I found out, receiving reviews is slow. Friends who agree to write reviews are often busy with their own lives. Some people are too busy to read a book, much less to write a review. Please allow a long time to wait if you follow this route.

Touch social media. I found a suitable social media marketing service and signed up for two promotions. The company is posting on social media and created two ads – services that cost me just over $ 200. Although many people are reposting, only time will tell if these efforts lead to substantial sales. According to my editor, sales are picking up.

Give away books. As surprising as it may sound, giving away books is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, forms of advertising. “Gifts” are cheaper than print and TV ads. I have a supply of books on hand and have given them to potential reviewers and community groups. As one former editor explained, “people feel special when you give them a book.”

Use review websites. Your publisher may publish your book on a website that downloads free books in exchange for reviews. But the people who receive your book may not comply with a review. My publisher sends me the email addresses of those who received my book and I send them a thank you email. Hopefully my thanks will get the person to write a review. You can also contact a professional review service and pay for a review. If you do this, be prepared for a favorable or unfavorable review.

Follow the clues. I donated books to an organization of the elders network in my hometown and to the Salvation Army, two organizations that work together. When I donated the books, I offered to give talks and workshops that expand my books. Both organizations have expressed interest in this idea. To follow clues, you must be aware of them. New leads can generate new sales.

I follow my own daily advice. Every day I take a step to encourage book sales. This approach has energized me, led me to new contacts, and generated more internet lists. The one-day approach may work for you.

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