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Barbados is one of the hot spots of the Caribbean islands. Like the rest of the place, Barbados is best known for its beaches, parks, rivers, and natural beauty. The magical atmosphere in Barbados is further replenished with a vibrant population living a luxurious life, according to living indices.

Barbados falls in the southern region of the Caribbean. It is bounded by sea and adjacent island territories, including Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago. The low-lying place is home to some 30 wonderful beaches. There is a mound, which does not rise very high in height and is known as Mount Hillaby. It is the viewpoint and you can have a wonderful view of the surroundings.

In Barbados, you can brighten up your vacation by tanning on popular beaches or on an island safari. Some of the popular beaches in Barbados are Accra Beach, Bathsheba, Miami Beach and Browne’s Beach. North Point, which is located in front of the sea, is also an amazing place here.

The people of Barbados speak English and their native language is called Bajan. Local music fills the air with charm and the food is amazing. Some well-known artists from this place are Arturo Tappin, David Kirton and John King. On Barbados vacations, you’ll also be amused by the aquatic life on display at the various water and ocean parks.

In historic places you have the Barbados Museum, Codrington College, Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue, Sam Lords Castle, Sir Frank Houston’s Sugar Museum, South Point Lighthouse and more. Barbados is also known for the production of sugar.

Also, on vacations in Barbados you have the opportunity to see wonderful monuments such as the 3W Monument, the Cuba Monument and the Sir Garfield Sobers Statue.

Barbados is also famous for its frenetic cricket population. It might be worth saying at this point that the 2007 Cricket World Cup Final was played at the Kensington Oval Stadium in Barbados. Add to this the excitement of the nightlife and Barbados appears as the best tourist destination.

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