Flight Simulator Company, FSC

FSC is a company specialized in the turnkey supply/integration of static flight simulators for training and entertainment use which are based on the Microsoft FS2004/FSX/ESP platform (and’ planned for the future, even with an integrated X-PLANE version), as well as’ their parts and hardware.
Next step, full movement.

The hardware we use is based on the latest and most powerful CPU, motherboards, video cards and can be supplied in 1920×1080 LCD monitor and 57″ LCD monitor with 2560×1600 or 30″, all at the highest level of contrast and detail.

A complex and efficient network of computers (3 to 10 PCs) runs 3 to 8 angled and synchronized views. Each simulator can ‘integrate additional satellite view with Google Earth and Earth-FS, synchronized with the view of the other monitors, allowing you to fly in a real view of the territory. FSC also integrates systems with your unique scenario and local airport, but only intends to integrate directly into ns.simulators (that means we do not intend to sell or rent them online: ultimately we are not manufacturers’ competitors, but partner integration scenarios).

Purchase of a mortgage, each client can request a personalized integration and built specifically for him, of particular areas with a resolution of 0.50 mt with the greatest possible detail, so that “the flight experience is as close” to reality as possible. Each turnkey mortgage included the cost of 2 years of free updating for all the scenarios that the FSC will build ‘in the period.(…)

Already the ns. The simulators are equipped with around 3000 real and detailed airports that are faithfully reproduced and (some) regular licenses for each client in addition to the default FS2004 and/or FSX/ESP and around 2000 specific scenarios: In addition, ns.project provides the full coverage of Italy areas covered by 0.50m pixels (with technical scenery in 3D terrain mesh merged with the original) to the classic terrain of FS2 004 4.9 million pixels.

Therefore, any mortgage, and ‘a product tailored to the needs of each individual user and growing every day. All. Simulators In addition to the scenarios, a considerable amount of professional ‘aircraft at its most’ is also integrated, complete with push navigation tools. Of course, the weather elements are important and affect the navigation screen. It also has an online update of the weather conditions, which reflects the real ones and a special graph to make the vision as real as possible.

Currently, given the quantity and quality of the scenarios included, as well as ‘most of the hardware’ used, ns. the system gets an average of 50 to 180 Fps in FS2004 for each client with incredibly detailed and precise quality, with very high anti-aliasing settings and other hardware parameters.

For the FSX/ESP version, it’s ‘hard at work, but currently not available yet, until ‘ns. The technical department will not be able to get at least an average of 120 fps on the individual client. This objective is essential to obtain the necessary fluidity even in the critical turn and to fly at low altitude or in the presence of certain scenarios or very heavy aircraft. So stay tuned: As soon as this goal is achieved, it will be communicated.

Unfortunately, ns. The simulators, considering the hardware components they use, appear to be very expensive, but certainly much less than a similar one made at home. If you think that only scenarios and planes are licensed, there are about 10,000 that must be integrated/repurchased for each mortgage license and personally from each client.

But, in order to allow a progressive avvicinamento Simflyers, the FSC builds/sells/distributes products such as motorized autothrottle Yoke synchronized etc.etc. specific and integrated scenarios in ns. hardware, but still high-end.

A first step to get to know each other and grow together.

In short, agreements finalized, we will integrate a full line of department store products always available, Precision Fly Simflyer intermediaries between society and for all difficulties related to purchase, available, ‘delivery and interface.

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