The Rangers at the ballpark

Baseball has captured the attention of many since it began. Families and friends gather around the stadium to watch their favorite team play. The Texas Rangers are a crowd favorite. The team’s namesake was the famous law enforcement agency, the Texas Rangers. Rangers tickets have been desired by many baseball fans. The benches are being filled by supporters who are eagerly cheering on the rangers.

The team began in 1961 as the Washington Senators. They were then known as the Twins when they transferred to Minnesota. They were only known as the Rangers when they moved to Arlington, Texas in 1971. In fact, the team went through a couple of name changes, but their following never wavered. With Rangers tickets in hand, the fans paraded to the team’s game itself and showed their continued support. Rangers fans surely followed the team wherever they played.

The Rangers are also known for a game tradition that they started. They were the team that started playing night games during the months of May to September. This was done so that fans who religiously followed the team would not have to endure the grueling summer heat that sometimes reaches as high as 100 degrees. It was also done to stimulate the decline in Rangers ticket sales for the same reason. To date, the practice of holding games at night remains a tradition that people look forward to.

The Rangers are known to provide great games for everyone to enjoy. And with the new stadium to play in, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, everyone is sure to enjoy the game. The ballpark is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure fans have a great time watching great Rangers games.

The team has been making changes to their team roster to better improve the team. 2010 was a great year for the Rangers. The team managed to take the lead in the division with a record of 21-6. They also have on the team the player who had the highest batting average of .359, Josh Hamilton. And with that, the team is still fighting to win another championship. The goal is not that far away for the team.

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