Two-tone grout

Having glass mosaics installed in your home is a wonderful addition. Not only does it make the space beautiful, it also increases the value of your home. However, the tile must be installed and grouted correctly. If the wrong color grout is used, your project will turn out to be horrible. Sometimes choosing the correct grout color can be very difficult, especially if you have many different colors in the same installation. Here are a couple of scenarios.

Let’s say you put white glass mosaic tiles on the edge of your bathroom shower. So you decide to put black tiles on the floor. When it comes time to apply grout, you may have trouble deciding on color. If you choose a light grout for white tiles, the black will look badly cracked. However, if you choose a dark grout for the black tiles, the white ones will look cracked.

Now let’s say you’re going to create a cool mosaic striped look. You will run stripes of three colors on the wall; red, white and dark gray. Again, you have a grout color problem. If you choose a dark gray grout, the white will be severely cracked. Too light and gray will look awful.

Then what do you do? Two-tone grout is the answer. Simply grout each section separately. You will need that blue painter’s tape and lots of newspaper or craft paper. It is recommended to grout with the dark grout first so that you do not stain the lighter grout. Tape the sections to be grouted first. Make sure you have a clean line of tape so the grout joint is straight. Now completely cover the section you do not want to grout with the newspaper. Don’t risk it, as grouting can be very messy.

Rinse all sections that need the dark grout and clean thoroughly. Make sure to remove the tape within 10 minutes. Thoroughly clean all dark grout so it doesn’t accidentally mix with lighter grout. Wait until the dark grout has set. Now repeat the steps with the light grout.

You are done and you have great looking grout joints that no one will see because they should focus on your tile work!

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