Why do we see so little leadership with common sense?: 5 considerations

Whether in public, private corporations and/or organizational positions, of leadership, unfortunately, we often witness too much – too little – of common sense, in their actions, plans and processes, etc. After more than four decades of personal involvement in almost everything related to leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and mentoring thousands of actual and/or potential leaders, as well as serving, as a leader, in a variety times, I firmly believe that it is a travesty and unfortunate that so few of these individuals proceed, with the necessary degree of common sense, required! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 essential considerations.

1. Not very common: Unfortunately, common sense is rare! Which, the name might indicate, should be a regular, normal process, and the behavior, most of the time, is anything but! What may be logical and apparent to some may not seem so to others. Unfortunately, my experience indicates that the leadership of the existing organization and its stakeholders are partly – responsible, because they accept the mere – ordinary, instead of demanding, the extraordinary! They quite well accept, rather than demand, the highest degree of genuine excellence!

two. Inadequate leadership training: Since there is no such thing as a born leader, doesn’t it make sense for organizations to seek out and hire professionals, to design the best leadership training programs that will help locate the right people and provide them with higher skills, etc? ? One of the key reasons, we are witnessing, for such a dearth of genuine leadership and, along with that, many groups, losing their relevance and sustainability, is the failure to follow this process, consistently and fully.

3. Without clear leaders, qualifiers and trainers!: Effective leaders can only be developed, when we start, with those individuals, with the combination of personal, necessary and necessary qualities! Since this requires knowing, identifying and qualifying potentials, and then inspiring and motivating them to pursue, the time commitment needed to make a change, for the better, becomes obvious why this is a challenge. !

Four. Insufficient strategic and action planning: Few organizations seem to take seriously the need for effective, consistent, quality, well-conceived strategic planning! Unless/until this becomes normal and constant, how can anyone perceive and conceive, create and develop the most relevant plan of action?

5. Not ready, for prime time!: Unfortunately, too often, people in leadership positions aren’t ready for prime time. When this happens, groups suffer, because unless/until the right individuals are the leaders, everyone loses!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we witnessed a lot more common sense in our leaders? If we don’t, sooner rather than later, we will see even more organizations fail!

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