Debt Purchase Companies 101

Debt Purchase

Debt purchase companies are a relatively new phenomenon, and the problem is not always as widespread as it seems. In fact, millions of Americans owe money to debt buyers, who buy up bad debts from lenders and try to collect them on their own. Although they are a major industry, most Americans have never heard of them. This article provides a basic overview of this service and explains how these companies work. This article will address some of the most common questions that borrowers face and answer.


The report makes several concrete recommendations to state and federal policymakers and courts regarding the debt purchase industry. These recommendations would protect the rights of alleged debtors and preserve the integrity of the court system. For instance, it recommends that courts not issue default judgments to debt buyers, as they have done in some cases. Moreover, these companies should follow all legal norms in the process of collecting debts. This article will give you some basic tips on how to identify a reputable company.

The biggest debt purchase company is Encore Capital Group. The company has subsidiaries and has soaring revenues, including record numbers. The company is publicly traded on NASDAQ Global Select and is a component stock of the Wilshire 4500, and Russell 2000. The second largest buyer is 235 Portfolio Recovery Associates. In 2015, the two largest companies in the US were Encore Capital Group and 235 Portfolio Recovery Associates. As T. Andy Wang revealed in his book “Debt Purchase Companies: A Guide to Debt Buyers

Debt Purchase Companies 101

It is critical to compare the services provided by different debt purchase companies to make sure you choose the right one. For instance, large debt purchasing companies generally have a target profit margin and will continue to work your portfolio until it hits that goal. Once the process is complete, the remaining accounts will be sold downstream. If you do not make a profit, the next debt purchase company will wait a year and try again. It is important that you do not rush into a transaction with a company you don’t know much about.

A debt purchase company may be legitimate. A company must be able to prove that they are a genuine buyer of debts. The buyer should be able to prove that it will repay the money. In order to have the best chance of acquiring the debt, you need to ensure that the buyer has a legal basis for the sale. In this case, the debt buying company should be based in the state of your home and have a good reputation.

The DBA International certification standard requires debt buying companies to adhere to certain standards. These standards require that a company has a written agreement with its clients and that it has no conflict of interest with the debtor. In addition to these criteria, the company should also provide a warranty for its customers. This is particularly important in cases of past-due credit accounts. When choosing a debt purchase company, consider the risks of the situation before you sign any contract with a company.

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